Educate Tomorrow

Educate Tomorrow has incubated several well known education projects in Miami including The SEED School of Miami, Fostering Panther Pride at Florida International University, Florida Reach, Unite Miami, and an innovative life skills/coaching app.  The Global Field Academy is the latest innovation of this dynamic leadership team.

Learning One to One Foundation

Learning One to One provides comprehensive, scalable, whole-school individualized learning guidance using Fontan Relational Education (FRE), a formal educational model that fosters the potential of each student.  Learning One to One will provide that training and technical assistance to the staff and students at Global Field Academy.

Unity on the Bay

Unity on the Bay is located on North Bayshore Drive just steps from Margaret Pace Park in downtown Miami, Florida. Unity is a dynamic and positive spiritual community embracing all faiths.  Unity on the Bay's Cameron House is  "home-base" for Global Field Academy. A quiet respite where students, educators and their families can reflect and process the knowledge they acquire in the larger metropolitan area.

Join Us

If you or your organization would like to be an educator, an expert, a host site, or community collaborator contact us. 

Learning Opportunities


Multi-lingual students are the hallmark of a global education. At Global Field Academy we find the right educators to meet your language preferences, and deliver course and content in multiple languages, as desired.

The Arts

We incorporate the arts into the academics as such students have the opportunity to use art forms to express their learning gains. In addition, they have the opportunity to produce from start to finish: a theatrical performance, a community mural, a live music performance, a photo/voice research project, etc. while also assembling their own portfolio, and learning materials for students to come. 

Professional Careers

Acting, modeling, competition sports, are growing careers for even the youngest of students.  Global Field Academy is designed for, with, and around students who benefit from several hours of practice each day/week to pursue their talents, or needs to travel or take time out of school to share their talent.  


Our Mentors, the University of Miami's Dean Issac Prilleltensky and Dr. Scotney Evans have spent a larger part of their career understanding achieving well being. At Global Field Academy we aim to work with our students to achieve valuable life skills that will enable them to achieve well-being and mindfulness.   Read Their Article Here


Students are guided by a learning manager (home room teacher) who are certified educator(s).  The learning manager builds a learning plan for each student for the entire year and together with students we set goals and map out course work and learning opportunities for the year. Tutors are then provided as needed for special subject and/or enrichment education.  The goal is to develop independent learners and researchers on their pathway to become inter-dependent citizens.

Reading, Writing & Research

Students first learn to read and then read to learn.  Reading is one of the most important goals at Global Field Academy, and is highly encouraged with student in the early years.  Readers can become autonomous researchers and seekers of knowledge where they are no longer dependent on another person to gain basic knowledge.  Special note: students who are reading impaired are given alternate mediums for gaining knowledge equivalent to reading.