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Global Field ACADEMY
@ MInd Lab Center - DEZERLAND PARK


The Global Field Academy,  is a demonstration project that began in August of 2017 as a home-school enrichment center and field academy for a school-aged children and their families.  Global Field Academy provides two field days, and three workshop/enrichment days per week. Our team supports families with a network of opportunities to allow students and families to actualize their full potential.  Emphasizing an individualized democratic peer education and social experience, students explore academics and their life purpose through the community, service, mindfulness, professional studies, and interests.  The project is lead and powered by Educate Tomorrow, and is operated in partnership with Ninja Academy, Mind Lab Center, and Learning One to One Foundation.

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What we Do

Engaged Students

Each student has an individualized learning plan designed and tracked with students, educators, families, new and previous assessments to discover, record, and track their passion, assets and learning styles. To learn more about our partner in this work Learning One to One Foundation click here.

Learning Management

Seeking a non-traditional experience for your child? Does your child want to train to be a  professional athlete, artist or entrepreneur? Do you desire to travel a lot and take your education with you? Do you wish you could home school but don't have the bandwidth or flexibility?  This is a new way to school or home school in Miami.

Our Learning Community

Join our academic, multi-level, multi-lingual, interdisciplinary, life-skills, community based education, service, mindfullness, social-entreprenual, student centered, democratic experience designed for, with, and by students, parents, educators and community experts.  Powered by Educate Tomorrow

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Global Field Academy

For More Information Call Educate Tomorrow at 305.374.3751

Education Sites

Global Field Academy's learning sites are in the community. Art studios, museums, parks, professional training facilities and service organizations.


Mind Lab Center @ Ninja Lounge

Dezerland Park, North Miami

Mind Lab Center 

DCF License #: C11MD2822