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A project of Educate Tomorrow, Global Field Academy aka "Field" helps students and their families reach their maximum potential through global and Relational Learning.  We provides a network of field-based micro-environments and experiences, all within a small, multi-age private home-school setting.  Our “field guides” eliminate obstacles and provide opportunities for our students and their families to master their personalized academic and life goals.

Field prescribes two field days, and three workshop/enrichment days per week. This approach allow students to meet academic, enrichment and family care coordination goals. Emphasizing an individualized democratic peer education and social experience, students explore academics and their life purpose through the community, service, mindfulness, professional studies, and interests.  The project is lead and powered by Educate Tomorrow, and is operated in partnership with Ninja Academy, Mind Lab Center, and Learning One to One Foundation.

Click here to watch this YouTube video about the current state of education and get inspired by Sir Ken Robinson then read on to learn about our approach.

Innovative Solution 

What makes the model innovative, compared to existing schools, is that it does not feel like a school at all. Our program solves a cultural need for a network of people and places that will care for and enrich the lives of our children and their families to a level of mastery that surpasses traditional education. What makes our model innovative, compared to existing schools, is that it resembles “real life”, days in the field, coupled with a collaborative co-working space. Our workshop spaces are multi-level Montessori/play based and typically accommodate up to 30 students. Our workshops are housed in underutilized community spaces (museums, recreation/play centers, etc.). Our field opportunities (field days, offered twice weekly) expose students to real life/time mastery and goal/career exploration.

Our solution feels like a multi-aged home-school environment yet gives respite to parents who are working, or do not have the skill set to provide a full home-education. Furthermore our network of resources that we have negotiated through group rates provides families with access to communities opportunities that they may not be able to traditionally afford or have the bandwidth to access.

Consumer Empowered Education

Our team empowers families to become drivers of their own experiences through a network of opportunities.  Authentic parent and whole family personalized involvement and learning whereby each family is essentially their own school and is given the tools to develop and adheres to their own plan with our team of experts. Our network of educators and school partners then provide families and their children of varying ages with care coordination, support, individualized tutoring, workshop hours and daily or weekly field opportunities. Through personalized technology platforms (Creator+) and learning plans, students demonstrate mastery through their digital and analog portfolios. Personalized learning plans allow educators, students and their families to track and coach students against their daily goals and needs.


Piloted as a demonstration project by Educate Tomorrow in 2017, Field is now rapidly expanding into a network of community based, one room, multi-aged, school houses/work environments, that we believe eliminate education disparities, create access opportunities, and engage and support the whole family.  Our approach is more efficient from an hourly perspective for both student and educator and also costs considerably less, providing for a much more affordable approach, no matter your income level.

COVID19 Response

Field was designed to empower families and students to be drivers of their education and experience.  Parents are not simply informed as to their childs academic progress, but they are coached and supported to be full partners in the education of their child.  As such, are families are well positioned to accept the role of co-educator as needed.  As the possibility of re-opening lingers on the horizon we believe our "family based" quarantine groups and micro-environments will be a safe option. 

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Education Sites

Global Field Academy's learning sites are in the community. Art studios, museums, parks, professional training facilities and service organizations.


Mind Lab Center @ Ninja Lounge

Dezerland Park, North Miami

Mind Lab Center 

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