The Love of Learning


For parents and students to be in control of their education it is important to us that this program not be defined as a “school” but rather an experience and conduit to obtain your learning goals while remaining active drivers and participants in an academic and enrichment program. As such, parents are guided to enroll their children as students of our hybrid that incorporates benefits of the public, private and home-school sector. We partner with the parent/guardians and students to ensure all academic and life goals are achieved throughout the year. 

Annual Calendar

Global Field Academy provides a year round experience. Students are encouraged to enroll at the commencement of a new site experience. We know there are no two students alike, and have created an environment that allows students to work and enter the program at various levels and we all work together to constantly relate, reflect, and assess. Therefore it is common that students may enroll or begin a traditional school year a half a grade level ahead in one subject area and behind in another. In addition, families create their annual calendar, which includes up to 70 vacation days or remote education attendance as necessary to comply with learning goals and state requirements.   

Daily Schedule

Global Field Academy follows a year round learning cycle. The workshops are open from 8:30 am until at 6:00 pm. Global Field Academy will deliver a minimum of 9 hours of intense learning opportunities, enrichment and mastery programming daily. The aforementioned operation hours may be further adjusted to be in compliance with any additional or revised statutory requirements, and the needs of our students and their families/caretakers.  Global Field Academy will ensure students earn an annual credit through a minimum of 135 hours in designated “traditional” course work. Those courses will contain performance standards, or the equivalent of six semester hours of course credit.

Cost of Attendance

Global Field Academy is a non-profit and our goal is to make the experience affordable for all families. Therefore, participation fees are based on a sliding scale as determined by the households two previous year tax returns.  Additional fees may be incurred for specialized professional instruction.


Our main workshop is at Unity on the Bay in downtown Miami, but our classrooms are in the community and we are hosted by our community partners, which include museums, galleries and public incubator and performance spaces. Each host provides space for our “pop-up” workshops rather than a classroom. In our workshop, students will have individual workstations/space and when needed are outfitted with a personal computer/laptop. 


Educator(s) will have a station in the workshop(s) where they will meet with students individually. Typically, a workshop will house 15-30 students (and their parent if applicable or desired) maintaining student-teacher ratios that are consistent with state standards. Group time and peer learning will take place when it is relevant to the learning objectives and the educators will form break out learning groups when students (and their parents, if applicable) all need coaching on a similar topic.