The Love of Learning


"If people have knowledge of life, it is only out of life itself that they can take up their tasks." - Rudolf Steiner.  For parents and students to be in control of their education it is important that they are ultimately in control and accountable. As such, Global Field Academy is not a school but rather a full or part time home school enrichment center, an after school hours enrichment center, and at least two times weekly students are able to have two field based experiences.  We provide support for the busiest of families and encourage families to realize the benefits of the public, private and home-school sector.

Annual Calendar

Shake-A-Leg Week (sailing, kayaking, outrigger, fishing, outdoor education and science).

Global Field Academy is a year round experience, with rolling admission, based on capacity. We know there are no two students alike, and have created an environment that allows students of all ages to work and enter the program at various levels. We all then work together to constantly relate, reflect, and master our collective goals. As such, it is common that students may begin either ahead in some subject areas or behind in others.  In addition, families create their own annual calendar, which includes vacation and or home/remote work as necessary to comply with learning goals and state home-school requirements.   

Daily Schedule

Tadpole habitat creation at the workshop.

Global Field Academy follows a year round learning cycle. The workshop is open from 9:00 am until at 6:00 pm. Global Field Academy is a 9am-2pm Homeschool Enrichment Center, and seamlessly transitions to a 2pm-6pm After School Enrichment Center offering up to 9 hours of learning, enrichment and mastery opportunities daily. The aforementioned operation hours are not mandatory but rather are established to support your schedule, whether full or part time.  At Global Field Academy our certified educators, and tutors provide one on one guidance, enrichment activities and and help busy parents track attendance and manage portfolios.  

Cost of Attendance

Biscayne Bayologist Day with Nature Girl Ms. Christy

Global Field Academy is a non-profit and our goal is to make the experience affordable for all families. Therefore, participation fees are based on a sliding scale and parent participation/contributions.  Full and partial scholarships are available.  For families that do not qualify for scholarship (2018-2019) the maximum fees per family are estimated to be under $700 per month.  Additional fees may apply.  


Venetian Pool, Coral Gables, FL

Three days a week we meet at the main workshop at Unity on the Bay in downtown Miami, two days a week the community is our classroom.  During the 2017-18 academic year we had 60 field days.  Field days are hosted by our community partners, which include museums, galleries and public incubator and performance spaces. Each host provides space for our “pop-up” workshops rather than a classroom. 


Creare workshop at Unity

The dual lingual (English/Spanish) enrichment center operates more like a fitness club, than a school.  Programs are offered throughout the day but not required, the educators and tutors are always available for personal training as educational guides to help students master their individual learning plans.   For the 2018-19 academic year the workshop will not exceed 30 students at any given time.  Parents are invited to co-work and/or co-educate in the space, but are not required to be there for any student over the age of 5.  Group time, peer learning, thematic and special workshops take place daily when it is relevant to the learning objectives.